Wednesday, 6 July 2016


AKA Port Saint Vaast.  Lovely small port and town, that has one of the largest shellfish farms in France and an ecological reserve, old fort and WWII German fortifications on the adjacent island.  The island is a peninsula at low tide and island at high tide.  Access is via a unique bus/ferry. 

Port Office.

The island from the port entrance.

The bus/ferry on the hard.

We are about to board to go to the island in bus mode.

Oyster farm beds.

John Deere working the shellfish farm at low tide.

Crossing to the island in bus mode.

The Island dock.

A spot of color in an otherwise grey and green environment.

I lost my sunglasses from the balcony, but Sandra recovered them by climbing into the moat.

The protected birds nest everywhere.

Part of Hitler's "Fortress Europe".

Inside view.

Returning to the mainland in boat mode.

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