Wednesday, 17 October 2007

October 1st, 2007, BENICIA TO RIO VISTA

Left Benicia at 12:30 to take advantage of the flood tide. Motored in little wind passing a "Reserve Fleet", a power plant and seemingly endless rows of wind generators along the way.

The wind came up and at 15:15 we sailed up the start of the Sacramento River the rest of the way to Rio Vista. At Rio Vista we stayed at the Delta Marina and RV park. The entrance is a bit tricky (you sound your horn to enter the narrow and blind channel). Once inside you are treated to a friendly, full serve, very clean facility, with good restaurant (John Trivolta eat there and the chair he sat in is preserved in the entrance).

Ben, one of the marina employees and a livaboard resident, gave us great local knowledge of the voyage ahead, ending with: "There are two types of boaters upriver from here. Those that have run aground and those that will". He is confident that with our 6.5 ft draft we will find the bottom at some point. Not to worry though as it is only mud or sand and you back off and try again. We decide to carry on.

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