Wednesday, 17 October 2007


A 09:30 start for a long motor up to Sacramento on the Sacramento River, including having to open 4 bridges along the way (5 if we went all the way into the city). To open a bridge the VHF radio conversation goes something like this:

"Rio Vista Bridge, Rio Vista Bridge, Rio Vista Bridge, this is the SV Passat II on channel 9."

"This is Rio Vista Bridge, we have a visual on you, what clearance do you require?"

"SV Passat II requesting 60 ft of clearance"

"Come ahead skipper" or "Please slow down while I clear the bridge"

It was a bit intimidating at first, but soon became routine.

We had the computer chart and GPS on but found we were not using them as the paper charts, depth sounder and channel markers became the navigation aids of choice.

The day was sunny and warm and Sandra found time to repair the CFSA Burgie.

We docked at the Sacramento Yacht Club at 16:45. This was a bit exciting as the river current added a new variable that we had not encountered before. The club has excellent newer facilities, but is several miles by road to the city, with no bus service. The SYC Port Captain, Chuck Lenert recommended we take Passat up to the city for the day and return for our second night. The Old Sacramento has a courtesy dock that is free for day users.

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