Friday, 5 December 2008


The lights of Acapulco as we approach. The entrance to the Harbour. The Fort and cruise ship dock. The small boat mooring buoys. ("SV "Passat II" is moored behind the cruise ship. )

If we had to use one of the Yacht Club mooring balls the cost would have been $100 US per night. We had free use of a private ball. Thank-you again MV "Mi Vida"!

The cliff divers preform at night and we opted for the "cheep seats" (read free) so the pictures are a bit fuzzy.

The fort & Museum. We attend with Dave & Linda of SV "Starshine". The best museum we have seen in Mexico. Volunteer guides provide a detailed tour for tips.
"Arm pit to arm pit" on the beach at Isla Roqueta. We spent one day and night at this VERY popular national park. The tour boat and personal watercraft traffic was so dense we did not dare leave the boat for fear it would be hit. Fruit vendors sell to passengers on the glass bottom boats waiting to dock, from what looks like surf boards. Everyone leaves by sun set and the beach is deserted, except for wild burros feasting on the garbage.

Bahia de Puerto Marques is a great place to anchor. Get there early on week ends as the locals fill the bay by mid morning. We arrived early and were the 3rd boat in the bay. By the time SV "Starshine" joined us a couple of hours later they had to fit between over 40 boats. By late evening the anchorage had emptied out somewhat. This would be our anchorage should we ever return. Dave & I enjoyed a swim, but the water was too stirred up for good pictures. Dinner aboard SV "Starshine".

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