Sunday, 7 December 2008

November 16th to 21st, 2008 - PUERTO ANGELS

Our original destination was Bahia Escondido. Both the Rains and Charlie's cruising guides list it as an anchorage. We arrived to find that ALL the very limited available anchorage spots were taken up by Pangas and their mooring balls. After several sweeps of the bay and one attempt to anchor near the beach we gave up and headed for Puerto Angel. We arrived after dark and were not able to find the entrance. We waited for SV "Starshine" to arrive, with their better radar, and were able to follow them in.

SV "Passat II" in Puerto Angel.

View of the Bay from the top of the hill. Note huge commercial dock. Built to attract Cruise ships that have yet to come. SV "Passat II" is on the right, SV "Starshine" is nearest the dock and a Moorings Beneteau, being delivered to La Paz, is the other sail boat. (The Irish Captain and crew are featured below.)

This is a very active fishing port. About 1/2 of the Pnagas moor out on bouys, the other 1/2 run up on the beach at full speed. Taking a walk on the beach can be hazardous to your health. So far there remains room for cruisers to anchor in the deeper water (30 to 50 ft).

Palapa restaurant, with fresh eggs delivered to your table? Cerveza break with Dave and Linda of SV "Starshine".

Captain Shaun and his crew ? & ? ordering a la carte. The Moorings boat they were delivering did not come with a dingy. They picked one up that had been put in a trash bin and were using sticks to paddle, until we lent them our spare paddles.

The water is surprisingly clear for a busy port, with two great snorkeling spots, one on each side of the entrance. The fish life includes one that has a striking resemblance to Dave on "SV Starshine".
NOTE: Regular readers will notice a theme. Friends, cerveza, food, exotic locations, sunsets/sunrises, moon shots and wildlife. This is our life. It is good.

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