Friday, 5 December 2008

November 1st to 4th, 2008 - BAHIA TENACATITA

Full moon rising, provides great visibility for the night passage.

Bahia Tenacatita Plapa at the dinghy landing. this is our 2nd visit to this bay and it remains one of our favorite anchorages to date.

Good morning "Starshine". SV "Starshine" with one of the resident pod fishing alongside. The pod was in the Bay at least twice a day feeding around the boats at anchor.

Dingy trip to the village, through the Mangrove swamp. Can you see the red Tree Crab in the first picture above?

Lunch with Carl & Marilyn from SV "Walela" (Rear Admiral cat Bob pulled anchor watch and is not pictured), Dave & Linda from SV "Starshine" and John from SV "Lykie", overlooking the beach and the reef called "The Aquarium" (due to exceptional variety of sea life). Ideal for snorkeling. I had gone last time we were here and it was so murky I saw very little. Dave went out this time and reported that it lived up to it's reputation.

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