Friday, 5 December 2008

November 5th to 11th, 2008 - ZIHUATANEJO

Our original plan was to stop in Manzanillo, but the inner harbour was closed to cruisers. The Port Captain directed us to the Los Hadas Marina. Tired of marinas given the continuing good weather we decided to carry on to Zihuantanejo.

Woke up November 8th, my 58th birthday, to the sound of many voices. Looking out I saw dozens of swimmers in the bay. A Mexican birthday welcome to Z'wat? More likely a part of a triathlon says Sandra. Very brave people, as the water in the bay is too polluted for swimming, at least by my standards.

My birthday portrait. (I am the one on the right.)

Sandra is honored by a Z'wat panga. SV "Passat II", with Carnival cruise ship in background. A very busy harbour with constant motion from boat wakes, virtually 24/7. MV "Mi Vida " and SV "Starshine" at anchor. The Captain of "Mi Vida " offered us the use for their mooring buoy in Acapulco. We did not realize at the time what a generous offer this was.

Washing bird "do do" off the sail covers and shade cloths. Paint manufacturer's should use the bird's formula, as it is harder to remove then paint.

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