Sunday, 19 February 2012


We arrive back at the boat, at Catamaran Marina, Rio Dulce, Guatemala in late October.  All is well with SV Passatt II and we get her ready for the season.  We have been off her for 8 months, the longest we have ever been off one of our boats since we started cruising in 1993.

Birds raised a family on our bowsprit while we were gone.
The only fungus on the boat was on a winch base.
The "Sunpacks" kept the interior of the boat free of mold, mildew and fungus.  Also, we wipe down the interior with vinegar before we leave and when we return.  It works for us and is far cheaper then running a de-humidifier or air conditioner for the months we are away.

We attend a Halloween party at Mario's Marina.  Many Great costumes.  The first prize went to the "Recycling" couple.  Sandra and friends Iain & Jan came as themselves (scary enough eh!).  I came a a famous Canadian.  Can you guess who???

1st prize costume.

Two girls for every Zombie!
Great smiles.

Nice figure and a great singing voice.

2nd prize costume.

3rd prize costumes.

Doug the Weather Guy on the NW Caribbean Net.

My costume a famous Canadian (hint - note hat and shirt).

Friends Iain & Jan off SV "Jock's Lodge"


Unknown said...

I can't guess your costume, who were you?

SV Passat II said...

I went to the halloween party as Alex Tilly, of Tilly Hat fame. One story I have heard is the hockey term "Hat Trick" came about when Tilly offered to give one of his hats to any player who scored 3 goals in a game. Barrie