Sunday, 26 February 2012

January, 2012 - SAN PEDRO, BELIZE

We take the "Jet Boat" from Chetumal, Mx to San Pedro, Belize.  The boat was powered by two 300 hp outboard motors and "jetted" right along.  The first 1/2 of the trip out was against the waves and VERY rough.  I thought I would end up with a compressed disk, but survived.  A movie played but skipped constantly and the sound could not be heard above the roar of the ob engines.  The promised snack did not materialize, but we did get a glass of warmish coke.  All part of the adventure.

The Admiral would not spring for an underwater camera (see previous post), so please refer to previous San Pedro posts for snorkeling pictures.  We enjoyed showing San Pedro to Steve, but find Belize expensive.  This was our third visit and may be our last.

The dock at Chetumal.

Our "Jet" boat.

Our too thin (padding wise) seats.

Our third visit to Elvi's, a great restaurant in San Pedro.  By chance we have had the same table every time.

The cats at "Fido's" restaurant.

Sandra'a Rum Punch at Crazy Canucks Bar.

Steve pitching a horseshoe at Crazy Canuck's.

My turn.  We play two games winning one each, before the beer called us back to the table.

Sign outside Mango's restaurant.  another great place to eat.

We rent a golf cart and go exploring.

The south end of the the "road", Abergris Cay.

We stop for lunch.
We make our mark.

Great rum punch and pulled pork sandwiches.

Kids, so cute when you finally tire them out.


sv Jockslodge said...

You guys get around and have fun... Keep the dream going...

Anonymous said...

I see you spelled Passatt right this time on the wall.