Thursday, 23 February 2012

December, 2011 - TRIP TO ISLA MUJERES, MX

After Xmas we sail to Isla Mujeres for a few days to meet up with Iain & Jan (SV Jock's Lodge) and do a bike tour of the island.  We anchor out and need 4 attempts and over an hour to set securely.  Given that it took us only about 5 hours to get here from P. Morelos it was a big investment in time and effort.  We are thankful we took the time as another boat that did not had to re-anchor in the  dark, after drifting by us.  The trouble is the thick weeds on the bottom.  Once you punch through you are in decent holding.

Friends Iain & Jan take us on a bike tour of the Isla.

Jan and Sandra catch up after stopping to admire the new Chedraui grocery store.

We pause to watch the zip liners.

We stop at South Point park.

Mayan goddess.

The Mayan ruins at the south tip of the Isla.  Not much to see.

The "Conch House" on the East Road.

New Port Captain's Office.

Old damaged Port Captain's dock.  Hopefully a new one is planned.

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