Friday, 17 February 2012


Sandra and her Mom went to Argentina to attend Maria's family reception for her and James's wedding.  We left the reception pictures at home so will have to add them later. 

Maria & James in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sandra at a sidewalk cafe.

Art in the Park.

Tall ship in the harbour.

Sandra & Loretta travel to the falls at Iguazo (sp?).  This is where the movie "The Mission" was filmed.  They also visited one of the missions.  We now own the movie.

The falls are even more spectacular then Niagara falls in Canada.

Wet but happy?

The ruins of the mission show the Indian influence on the architecture.

Then off to the NW corner of the country to the colonial city of Salta.

Villages tucked into colourful mountains.
Local dances in the square.

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