Sunday, 1 February 2015


We begin the New Year with a planned camping trip to Portugal, via France and Spain.  The first day was spent traveling from Ipswich to the Municipal campsite at Boulogne Sur Mer, via the Euro-tunnel. 

The tunnel crossing is definitely the way to go.  Not only the cheapest way at about $175 CDN each way for a camper van (including up to 9 passengers), it is the fastest (35 minutes) and is unaffected by the winter weather.

All the campgrounds in France are closed for the season.  However, the municipal sites will let you park for the night if you are self sufficient (ie do not need washroom, shower, power, etc.).  At Boulogne Sur Mer the on site Manager even went out of his way to provide an electrical adapter so we could plug in our heater.  We were very grateful.  Cost $0.00, nil, zero.  A very nice start to our stay.

Loading onto the rail car that is to transport us under the channel.

Diagram showing the Eurotunnel configuration.

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