Sunday, 1 February 2015

January, 2015 - PONS, FRANCE

We awoke to a cool crisp day and a van engine that would not start.

Before we left the UK we had work done on the van's carburetor.  The float had developed a leak.  This resulted in the fuel overflowing into the engine, resulting in hopeless flooding. In Pons this repair failed.

The Municipal Campground Manager was very helpful, giving us a map showing the nearest Renault Dealer.  Lucky for us they were only 3 blocks away.  They were wonderful.  Had a mechanic stop work and go down to the van.  Then they towed it to their shop and had it repaired before the end of the day, all for a very reasonable $120 CDN.

We spent the day walking around this very lovely village, that was once sacked by King Richard the Lionhearted of England.

The city hall  flag was at half mast in memory of the victims of the "Charlie" terrorist attack.

View of the mill pond from the town wall.

A sign we were to see a lot of (foreshadowing).

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The Intrepid II Crew said...

Happy New Year....enjoying your travelogues very much...grey days remind us of our own wx here. Good luck with your land cruising and hope the visits to mechanics are rare. Kelly finally headed south to San Carlos and hopes to give our lonely boat some tlc very soon. Cheers. Carol & Kelly