Friday, 6 February 2015

January, 2015 - COGNAC & DURTAL, FRANCE

Our next stop was Cognac.  We had planned to spend the afternoon and night, but found it a depressed and depressing town.  A high percentage of empty shops and going out of business sales. We bought a single bottle of Cognac and left town.

Our method of navigation on this trip was new to us.  We picked a city on our route and had our Tom Tom gps select a route.  Then we asked for an alternate route, without tolls.  This took us on the lesser highways and by-ways and resulted in some pleasant surprises alone the way.   Also, you were never far away from a Renault Dealer...ha, ha.  The only time we deviated from this was the time we took the freeway to make up time and ended up with a $700 towing bill (see previous posts).  One of the best surprises was the village of Durtal.  At its center was a vast chateau, suroundedd by a very beautiful village, complete with mill pond and mill.

Chateau de Dural
Postcard perfect.

Ye old mill.

Beauty on the bridge.

A modern touch.

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