Friday, 6 February 2015


Along with Dieppe (see earlier post), Vimy Ridge is a must stop for Canadians in France.  The ridge has been given to the people of Canada by the people of France and is run and maintained by Veterans Affairs Canada. 

We arrived on the last training day for the seasonal staff, so there were no tours.  Just our luck.

It was an emotional visit for both of us, more so for Sandra as her grandfather lost a hand and eye fighting here.

This is where Canadians fought together as a combined unit for the first time.  A significant step in our development as a separate nation.  Not only that, they succeeded in taking a ridge that had repelled previous efforts by other allies.  This was the result of Canadian innovations that included: the creeping barrage, extensive site specific training and providing the latest intelligence and maps to the front line troops.

It was a privilage to walk in their footsteps.

The view from the ridge.

In 2000 something a Canadian officer lost his life when a tunnel collapsed while he was dismantling an unexploded ordinance.

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