Sunday, 1 February 2015


Our second day in France included a midday visit to Dieppe, on our way to Pons.  Dieppe is the site of a disastrous WWII raid, by mostly Canadians, to test the heavily defended German "Fortress Europe".  The losses included 1200 dead (907 Canadians) 2340 captured, 119 planes downed and one destroyer sank.  A very sad day for us.

The Beach looking North.

The Beach looking South.

One of the monuments honoring the Canadians.

Port Office and Tourist Info Center.

The outer port.

Port "High Street", mostly closed due to season.

Street art.

Church closed due to structural problems.

We arrive at the Municipal Campground in Pons, a medieval village, just as the sun sets.  No power this time, but still a lovely spot to spend the night and again it was free.

Sunset at Pons

We drove a short distance to Villars Bocage and treated ourselves to an Italian dinner out and hotel room.

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tony gibb said...

You are making me feel cold reading your adventures. Keep heading south is all i can say although free plug in is great.