Saturday, 17 October 2015


We had a nasty cross wind as we entered the Caledonian Canal making a tricky start to our passage.  We spend one night at Caley Marina, then head up to Loch Ness.

At the top of the first lock.

Sandra handles the lines in the locks.

The scenery along the way.

We attach ourselves to the only buoy available in Urquhart Bay then explore the castle.

The one and only buoy.

Passat II in Urquhart Bay.

Urquhart castle.

Siege Engine.

Castle and Visitor's Center from Loch Ness.

We spend a night at Fort Augustus, then had a great day sail back down Loch Ness.

On the dock at Fort Augustus.

Passat II and view down Loch Ness.

Canadian boat clearing the lock at Ft Augustus.

The center of Inverness is a good walk from the marinas so we did not spend much time in town.  One of the more interesting features is a iron foot bridge across River Ness.

Iron footbridge over River Ness.

Central Square.

Railway station guard.

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