Sunday, 11 October 2015

May, 2015 - FAIR ISLE

On May 24th we sailed to Fair Isle, a small island half way between the Shetlands and the Orkneys.

We entered the tiny harbor and tied up to the ferry dock as the launches from two cruise ships were taking up the limited space on the visitor's dock.  They left before nightfall an we tied up to the steep concrete visitor's dock.  You had to use VERY long lines to accommodate the tide and a fender board to protect the fenders from the ruff concrete.  Access to the top at low tide was via a sea weed and scum encrusted ladder built into the dock.

Fair Isle has about 65 permanent residents and a hostel catering to bird watchers.  It is serviced by a small ferry that operates 2 times a week, weather permitting and a small airport with seasonal scheduled service from the Shetland Islands. 

The two lighthouses, now automated, were built by Robert L. Stevenson's father.  Robert visited them with his father and signed the quest book.  One was bombed by the Germans in WWII.

The two industries are bird watching tourism and sheep farming.  Some crafts are sold out of residences and one store/post office, the size of a small living room, round out the activities.

Passat II on the dock.

The Hostel is the biggest industry on the Island.

Birds are trapped for banding.

The South Lighthouse.

The North Lighthouse.

The predominant colors are green and grey, with patches of blue sky.

Ruined mill, with cast off grinding wheels.

Back to the driving rain.

Stone Boat House.

The odd bits of color are a welcome change.

The public phone is in the middle of nowhere.

The most colorful vista on the isle.

The local "wildlife".

Eat, prey, love?

Are you my Mommy?

Birds roost on the coastal cliffs.
The newer of two churches.

The windows were designed and manufactured on the island.

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