Wednesday, 7 October 2015


May 18th we left for the Shetland Islands for the first time.  Winds were to be a favorable force 4 to 5, but went to 6 plus.  About 4 hours out the auto helm pin in the tiller came loose.  We decided to return and 9 hours beating upwind got us back to the dock.

May 20th we tried again and ended up motoring much of the way. into winds that rose to a gale as we rounded the headland into Lerwick, Shetland Islands.

Very co-operative check back into the UK, providing all the forms to confirm the entry of both us and the boat.  The VAT clock is reset.

Rafted up at the public dock.

Floating Hotel on the dock.

The library is in a re-purposed church.

Sandra finds a road named after her.

Cool backyard shed.

1st Century Broch (fort) on the lake.

You had to bend down to enter so it was hard to attack.

The town has a very interesting an modern museum, well worth a visit.  My pictures below do not do it justice.

Light House lamp.

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