Wednesday, 14 October 2015

May, 2015 - ORKNEY ISLANDS #2

Kirkwall is the main town and has an interesting history, with the control of power switching back and forth from the Bishop to the Lord, depending on the King.  The main historic buildings are the Church, Bishop's Palace and the Lords Castle, all within the same block.

The church.

The castle was once one of the finest in the UK, but is now in ruins.

The Bishop's Palace is the oldest, with only the outer walls remaining.

Bishop's Palace, with church in background.

Suba Flow is the second largest natural harbor in the world and was a major navy port in both world wars.  After  U-boat 47 sank HMS Royal York early in WWII, the East end of the harbor was blocked, by what became known as the Churchill Barriers.  It was built, in part by Italian prisoners of war.  A monument and the chapel the prisoners built is all that remains of their camp.

Part of the Churchill Barriers, now a causeway for the Hwy.

The site of the Italian Prisoner of War Camp.

The Italian Prisoner's Chapel.

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