Friday, 30 September 2016

June, 2016 - BELLE-ILE, FRANCE

A good days sailing to Belle-Ile.  We tied up to a mooring ball outside the port of Sauzon.  This is a quaint fishing port and village on the NW corner of the island.  As with most fishing villages the main industry is now tourism.  We walked the town and enjoyed a fine lunch, washed down with an excellent local cider.

Surprise surprise...the Ile has a link with Canada.  The French built an "impregnable" fort on the island, named Citadelle Vauban.  The British promptly captured it and occupied the island.  In a subsequent treaty the British returned it to France for what is now the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia.

Of course we had to see the fort.  Rather then sail to Varban we rented bikes and peddled the 6 kms each way.  Steep hills at each end, but flat in the middle, through farmland.  Although we are fairly fit, some under used muscles complained the next day.

The Port Captain's office has the village's only bank machine.

The harbor entrance.

We take a mooring ball outside the harbor, rather then risk grounding at low tide inside.

A great local cider, served in tea cups.

Birds eye view.

Ferry leaves for the mainland from town below.

Ship hangs from the chapel ceiling.

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