Thursday, 29 September 2016


We motor sailed most of the way, timing our departure to avoid the rips along the Ile D'ouessant at mid tide.  It was not to be.  We were too fast and caught the end of the rip, which was very exciting, with current of about 4-5 kts and 3 meter waves.  Would not like to be there if there was any wind to add to the mix.

Our arrival was concurrent with the fog and we stayed on the boat until it cleared up.

Great island for walks and we enjoyed a hike to the Lighthouse museum between fog banks.

We take up the Mooring closest to the harbor as the fog rolls in.

Passat II seen from the shore after the fog lifted.

The harbor drys at low tide, so is best suited for small boats and kayaks.

Between fog banks we hike several kms to the Lighthouse Museum.

It is a national museum and very well done.

The Fresnel lens was invented by a Frenchman.

This oil lamp has 6 rings of wicks to produce the light needed.

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