Wednesday, 28 September 2016


In company with SV Voila, we did a day sail from Lezardrieux, on the Le Trieux river to Treguier, on the adjacent Le Jardy River.  A distance of some 6 km by land and some 40 km by sea.  I think we could have arrived faster by walking.

Another tidal river with strong currents at the mid range.  We stay on the waiting pontoon mid-river waiting for the slack, prior to entering the marina.  

Nice town, home to the patron saint of lawyers.  If ever a profession needed one, eh?

The bridge near the marina is called the "Canada" bridge.  We asked what the connection to Canada was, at the tourist office, the marina office and at the Chandler.  There is no apparent connection, with the tourist office saying it was named based on an old Brittney word, the meaning unknown.

This is our last port (for this season) with friends Alan and Felicity on SV Voila as they head back north to England and we head East and South across the Bay of Biscay to Southern France, Spain and Portugal.

Down Le Trieux river.

Past the light house.

Up Le Jardy River to Treguier.

The town square.

Cathedral, home to the...  
...Patron Saint of Lawyers, Ivo of Kermartin.

Lots of old "half timber buildings"

Pont Canada, with no apparent connection to Canada.

Chilling out with friends Felicity and Alan.

Who are these grey haired people???

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