Tuesday, 27 September 2016


We were advised to go up river to Port De Pontrieux.  This involved going up with the tide, as the river was too shallow at low water, then thru a lock up to the Village of Pontrieux. 

Before we took Passat we took the dingy up about half way to see what it was like.  I was comfortable with the depth, Sandra not so much. 

The trip up in Passat was uneventful although we did plow mud for a short time just before reaching the lock.  A highlight of the trip was a chateau looking down on us from the high bank.  Above the lock we were met by the harbormaster, who led us to our berth in his launch.

A beautiful, quiet setting on the river, next to a delightful village.  Now one of my favorite spots in Europe.

Chateau De La Roche-Jagu looks over the river.

Passat at the peaceful new dock.

Town square.

The Eiffel building houses the tourist center.

The river meanders through the village.

We take a long walk along the river.

Ooops missed the high tide!!!

Heron buoy.

Trains still offer a reasonable alternative to the car in France.

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