Thursday, 29 September 2016


We did a day sail to the delightful town of Concarneau.  The marina is next to the old walled village on an island in the river.

The marina itself is small, with very tight berths.  We had to wait until a berth opened up that would allow our full keel/no bow thruster to enter, but we managed in the end.

The walled village was a medieval wine and goods trading center and is still occupied by residents, but the business are now all related to the tourist trade.

The walled village is accessed by a causeway.

The gun ports are now flower pots.

The entrance courtyard sports a Canadian flag.

The inner moat is now a flower bed.

Candy and Ice Cream, my kind of shopping.

Sandra prefers hanging out at the old wine dock gate.

The very tight berth we managed to squeeze into.

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