Monday, 24 August 2009

Aug, 2009 - SAINT JOHN, NB

The trip from Bar Harbor, ME to Saint John, NB was truly horrible. Fog so thick you could not see the mast head from the deck. Lightning storms creating weird lighting effects through the fog. Rain squalls following one after the other. Cold, COLD, COLD! Our Radar had never operated properly so we were really sweating. On my off watch I re-read the manual and decided to run it through its initial set up (something we had not done as it was on the boat when we bought it). WOW, it worked, we had great reception after that. We even were able to watch the rain squalls coming up behind us. We got so good we could countdown their arrival 10, 9, 8,...

Beast on the boat! Late at night, as we passed Grand Manan Island I felt a brush against my cheek as I sat at the radar. I commented that it felt like a bat's wing. Well that is just what it was. We were unable to get him/her off the boat until we reached Saint John.

The "Reversing Falls" on the Saint John River. We were waiting for the scheduled slack at the Centennial Dock in the port when we learned that slack was 20 minutes early, due to the high river water level. Off we went and JUST made it through with minutes to spare. Near the end we were doing less then 1 knt over the ground against the increasing current.

Fog in the anchorage at RKYC. Welcome to Atlantic Canada.

We knew we were back in Canada when...

Our first Canadian Sunset on the boat since September 2007.

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