Monday, 24 August 2009

July, 2009 - PLYMOUTH, MA

Entering Plymouth Harbor is a major challenge: Not due to the strong currents, although they are there; not due to the narrow channels, although they are narrow; BUT due to the countless (yes countless) lobster floats in the marked channel. In addition many are in pairs, joined by a line just below the surface. This obstacle course is the result of a jurisdictional dispute between government agencies that leave the fishermen free to create this hazard. We later heard that the Coast Guard does clear them out with a chain between two boats a couple of times a year, but it is not enough to stop the practice.

"The Rock" or what is left of it. It is a fraction of it's original size as souvenir hunters in the 1800s chipped away most of it. It is now protected by iron fencing within a Greek style monument. The SV "Mayflower II". A replica of the original that was built in England and sailed to Plymouth. We went through her and were amazed that everyone fit in. The town has a nice small town feel and is not too "touristy" once you are off the waterfront. The old graveyard was particularly interesting.

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