Friday, 14 August 2009


We were in NYC for over 3 weeks and took hundreds of pictures. To make it manageable I have decided to make separate postings for many of the places we enjoyed. The South Street Seaport Museum was one of my favorites, in part as it is the home to the "Peking", the sister ship to the "Passat", our boat's namesake.

We toured the retired Lighthouse Ship "Ambrose". These ships were anchored out were it was impossible to build or maintain lighthouses. the crews faced many dangers, not the least of which was being accidentally rammed by the ships they were trying to keep safe. A sister ship to this was lost with all hands due to a ramming. Note the "high tech" radio gear.

The "Peking" is the sister ship to the "Passat", our boat's namesake. these were the last of the commercial sailing ships. The carried bulk cargo (grain, bauxite, etc.) from Australia and Chile to Europe. The "Peking" is featured in a film taken in a storm rounding the Horn in the 1920's.
Picture of the "Passat" included in the "Peking" exhibit.

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