Monday, 24 August 2009


We took a three day side trip to Washington, DC. We took the Big Bus NYC to DC for under $30 each way. It was about 4 hours city center to city center.

With only 2 full days to see the highlights we opted for a hop on hop off tour on the British Double Decker. The only downside was it was not air conditioned. A serious oversight as it was hot and humid.

Buildings of power; White House and Edger Hoover Building. There is a months long waiting list for the White House tour and we did not have time to do the FBI tour. Something for next time.

Union Station, the most visited building in Washington, likely due to the fact that all the tours start here.

Columbus Circle, with monument to the explorer and a copy of the liberty bell.

War memorials for the Civil War, WWI, WWII and Korean wars. We did not get to see the Vietnam War memorial this time out.

Presidential monuments for Washington, Grant, Lincoln and Jefferson. I liked the Jefferson one the best, although the Lincoln monument is the most visited.

Capital Hill. Sandra and her mom (Loretta) did the tour. I went to the Spy Museum. Both are great. The Spy Museum is really well done, with a "Spy School", artifacts dating back to BC and great stories from WWII and the Cold War. One of my favorite exhibits was the James Bond Car from "Goldfinger". Unfortunately no pictures were allowed (and I did not have a spy camera with me).

The Smithsonian Aeronautics and Space Museum. I spent four hours and only was able to do the first floor. Definitely worth a return trip(s).

The Washington Museum of Natural History. Smaller then the one in NYC, but very well done. The gem collection includes the "Hope Diamond". I found a Canadian deep sea explorer "hanging around" the ocean exhibit.

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