Thursday, 13 August 2009

June 24th to 26th, 2009 - PORTSMOUTH / NORFOLK, VA

Portsmouth / Norfolk is a major shipping and navy center for the USA East Coast. We spent most of our time here doing boat repair and maintenance. The main item was to get the depth sounder operational again. It proved an all day exercise to find and get to and from one of the two West Marine stores in the area. Both are located miles and miles from the harbor (what is that all about?). We got one on the phone and they offered to pay $10.00 of our cab fare and have one of their staff drive us back to the marina. The cab fare was $30.00, but the option was an impossible bus system, so away we went. Turns out it was better to get a whole new fish finder.

We had one of the best movie experiences ever in Portsmouth. They have an old Art Deco theatre downtown (Now a National and State Historic Site). It was fully restored in the 1980s, with the conversion of the main level to a dinner setting. You order from the table, via phone, too cool. The owner at the time of the restoration was a sound engineer who was connected in some way to "Industrial Light and Magic". They built the sound system, so it was outstanding. We saw " The Proposal", but would have liked to see something that would have utilized the sound system (i.e. Mama Mia).

Portsmouth / Norfolk harbor is very industrial / commercial, but has at least three recreational marinas and a small boat anchorage, BUT no marine supply store for miles and miles. The paddle wheel boats are part of the transit system and cross the harbor regularly. The fare is a very modest $1.50 each way. Major dyke construction on the way north.

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