Sunday, 23 August 2009


The Stature of Liberty.

Ground "0" is still a hole in the ground, with the re-construction hidden behind a solid fence.

Street Art in NYC.

The Museum of Natural History. They actually have a "Night in the Museum" tour now. The exhibits are phenomenal. The last picture is a Polynesian star chart.

Radio City Hall. The best example of Art Deco architecture I have seen. The "Rockettes" aren't bad either. The only upside of loosing the 1gb of pictures (see previous posting) is that I had to do this tour again. Was it for the building, art or Rockette photo op?

Rockefeller Center art. We did the NBC tour, but it was so so. The most interesting thing was I got to be a weather man for a few minutes. It is a LOT harder then it looks on TV.

Grand Central Station. An architectural treasure.

MOMA (Museum Of Modern Art). Not my cup of tea. But the outdoor sculpture was useful and the Frank Loyd Wright model made the visit for me.

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