Tuesday, 18 October 2016


After looking at the weather we decided to do an overnight passage to Lisboa, rather then stop at Nazare on the way.  Little wind, with the exception of  Cabo Carvoeiro and Cabo da Roca.  Cabo da Roca was a bit exciting as the change was very sudden and there were a large number of fishing boats in the area.  Had to get Sandra up to help adjust the sails and auto helm.

Entered the Targus River just before dawn and got some exceptional sunrise pictures entering the Mar da Palha.

We opted for the Marina Parque Das Nacoes (aka Marina Expo).  It is the farthest from the city center, but is quiet, close to bus, train and air trancport and well set up for cruisers.

We stayed 6 days and took in too much for just one posting, as you will see.

We enter in darkness and watch the skyline lighten.

The old fort juts out into the river.

The Explorers Monument, with a plane coming in to land.

The bridge marks the entrance to the Mar da Palha. 

Bridge Art.
We enter the  Mar da Palha. 

My best ever sunrise picture.

The commercial docks.

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