Friday, 7 October 2016


Motored most of the way to Viana do Castelo, a port of entry to Portugal.  As we entered the river we encountered dozens of two person racing dinghies, of many nations, racing.  It was quite a job threading our way in.

Arrived during Siesta so tied up at waiting dock in the river.  The marina is behind a swing bridge, that was stuck open and was being repaired.  We opted to stay on the waiting dock as I did not want to get stuck behind the bridge should it break down in the closed position.

The bridge just up river was built by Effel, one of many he built we encountered in our travels.

We find that there are no reasonably priced phone plans, that include calling to Canada, in Portugal.  Sigh!  We will have to rely on WIFI and Skype to stay in touch with home.

The swing bridge crossing the marina entrance.

The Eiffel car/train bridge.

Passat II at the waiting dock.

 We take an evening stroll through the town in search of a new sim card for our phone.

Mobile library in an old Citron truck.

I spot my first Tesla auto at a recharging station.

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