Saturday, 1 October 2016


We decided to do an overnight coastal passage to Viveiro to catch up with friends Mike and Cate on SV Kealoha.

We arrived after dark and were greeted by loud music, Ferris Wheel and search lights as we entered the harbor.  It was a rock concert week end.  Lucky for us the marina was a ways up river and not subject to the noise (music to some).  The fans sported the greatest variety of tattoos and body piercings I have ever seen.  It made for some interesting people watching.

Mike and Cate helped us tie up in the dark.  We spent the next two days catching up with them and watching the rock fans on the promenade.

The temperature broke 30 C for the first time this season!

We arrive after dark and are greeted by a rock concert in the outer harbor.

Temperature tops 30 C.

Sun rise shines on the hills across the river from the marina.

The narrowest street in Spain.

Looking up river.

Old (Roman?) bridge opposite the Roman Gate.

Riverside park is home to several fountains.

Roman water system, still in use.

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