Friday, 7 October 2016


Great downwind sail reaching up to 9 kts as we were assisted by wave generated current.  It took two attempts to get the anchor set in the crowded anchorage. 

Sandra was wearing one of my Tilly hats and lost it as we came into the bay.  Sigh!  It was one of my favorites.  I have now co-opted one of her Tilly hats.  (Don't tell her I prefer hers as it has a wider brim.)

Baiona is a beautiful small city, with a lovely fort and a replica of one of the ships used by Columbus.  This was the port he landed in, returning from his first trip to America.

View of harbor from fort.

The ship is surprisingly small.

Laand Ho!

The fort has a commanding view.

A warm greeting awaited unwanted guests.

As always a cross.

I spend  short time in prison.  Help!

The town sea wall.

Art in the park.

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