Sunday, 2 October 2016

July, 2016 - CEDEIRA, SPAIN

Little to no wind, so motor sailed most of the way to Cedeira.  This is a very sheltered anchorage, with a small fishing village.  The coast is lined with reefs that come out a long way from the steep coast.  A very dangerous place in a North or West gale.

SV "Kealoha V" was there, along with the Bob and Maureen on the Irish boat SV "Modus Vevendi".  A great party resulted, although I was not able to drink, due to the medication.  Bob has "kissed the Blarney Stone" for sure, as he is one of the funniest story tellers I have met.

We left the next day as there was not much to see ashore.  However, we would recommend this as a great place to enjoy a quiet time to recharge.

One of the outer reefs protecting Cedeira anchorage.

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