Saturday, 1 October 2016

July, 2016 - GIJON, SPAIN

We had a weather window so decided to cross the remainder of the Bay of Biscay to Spain.  We were prepared to let the wind decide the destination, but soon found that anything east of Gijon was not an option.

After a two night passage we arrived at Gijon, opting for the Marina Yates.  It was a good choice for us, as it was quite, fairly close to a mega store and had long fingers to tie up to. 

The marina lent us bikes and we were able to explore the city via its extensive bike trails, that start just down the road from the marina.

The king welcomes us.

Cool sculpture made of some 5000 cider bottles.

Move over Leonardo DiCaprio.

Hi class graffiti on the sea wall.

Not so high class graffiti.

Sir Gijon?

Again the Romans got there before us.

The sea wall at the north side of the city is likely a wet place in the winter storms.

The cathedral sits on a point with a great view of the city coastline.

The yacht club.  We later learned we had access to the facilities as CA UK Members.

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