Wednesday, 27 September 2017


Started off sailing out of the bay, in very light breeze, hoping for wind once we got out of the bay.  It was not to be, so we motored to Peurto Azzurro.  Arrived early and found a good spot at the head of the bay.  It was a patch of mud in an area that include a lot of weed.  As the day wore on the anchorage filled to beyond capacity.  The boats were "armpit to armpit".  The late arrivals did not have room to back up on their anchors.  Many dropped anchor, put out all their fenders, then went ashore!!! We dug out our fenders and went to bed fearing the worst.  Lucky for everyone the nights remained dead calm for the time we were here.

We explored the bay in the dingy and walked the town.  Very pretty, but not much in the way of museums or cathedrals (made me happy, but the Admiral not so much). 

Went out for dinner at a restaurant next to our anchorage.  It had it's own dock and after a steep climb were treated to an outdoor table with a stunning view of the bay.  The meal was first class, but made a significant dent in the budget.

Various views of the anchorage.

Looking into the Port.

By day and by night.
As the sun rises.
The town.

Street art.


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