Wednesday, 20 September 2017

May/June, 2017 - CARTAGENA, SPAIN

We did our first overnight passage of the season to Cartagena.  I was able to log into the Mariners Ham net, out of the US at 2 am.  At first they thought we were on-route to Cartagena, Columbia.  Not often a boat checks in from the Med.  No wind, so motored slowly so as not to get in too early.  Lots of commercial shipping traffic to avoid, but otherwise an uneventful passage.

Caragena is a small city, with a great natural harbor.  It has been settled since the Phoenicians discovered the harbor and was a major Roman port, during their empire.  Lots of ruins to explore.

The harbor and marina.


A Roman house found when excavating for a new building.


View from the top of one of the hills.

Cock of the hill.

New outdoor theater.

Old Roman theater.

Street statues.

To the 2009 victims of a terrorist attack in Cartagena.

A major part of the Naval museum is dedicated to the Spanish developer of their first Submarine.

Inner harbor kayaking.

Whale of a tale/tail.

Roman theater.

Where Romans dared to tread.

Material recycling.

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