Wednesday, 27 September 2017


The original plan was to hop up the East Coast of Corsica, then over to the South coast of Elba.  The long term forecast indicated that another NW gale would arrive about the time we would want to hop to Elba.  So we decide to take advantage of the calm between the two weather fronts and motored directly from Puerto Veechio to Golfo Della Lacona.

On the way we pass the Isla Monte Cristo.  Now a nature preserve.  The island's fame is derived from the fact that it provides the setting for part of the novel The Count of Monte Cristo.

We had planned to arrive at dusk, but were delayed by adverse wind and current.  It was pitch dark as we entered the bay.   The moon would not rise for some time, so we felt our way in, using radar, AIS, GPS, anchor light sightings and depth sounder, to the edge of the crowded anchorage, setting the anchor about 23:00.

Moved into the anchorage the next day, tried to dingy ashore, but found no public beach available to leave the dingy.

We pass West of the Isle of Monte Cristo.

The anchorage is a busy one.

Looking out from the anchorage.

Ilsla Monte Cristo from the anchorage.

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