Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Our longest passage of the season, about 36 hours, only about 6 of which there was enough wind to sail.  We were just ahead of a NW front, that was forecast to bring gale force winds for 3 to 4 days.  The right direction, but too much of a good thing for us.

We sight Sardinia at dawn and arrive at the marina Ser Mar early in the day.  We wait out the Gale for the next 5 days, doing laundry, shopping and boat projects.

Sardinia at sunrise.

We pass Cabo Caccia.
Thought it was time to insert a picture of our track showing the past few months.

 We explore Alghero.


Rotary Sundial.

The old walled town.

First (of many) Italian seasonings shop.

Gelato anyone?

Old defense.

Newer defense.

There were pink bicycles all over town.  Never found out why.

Also, cool murals adorned many walls.

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