Monday, 18 September 2017


We took the bus to Malaga.  Stopped in to the Immigration Office at the port to see if I could get a stamp to document our return to Europe.  As in La Linea and Gibraltar they advised I did not need one.

Toured a Moorish castle and fort and two Picasso museums.  (No pictures allowed in the museums.)  Very steep climb to the fort, but we were rewarded with great views from the top.

Got back to the boat to find I had left my backpack in one of the Picasso museum lockers.  Sigh!  We had to take the bus back in rush hour to retrieve it.  Did not get back until 22:00.  It was a long day!

The City and port.

The Roman Amphitheater.


The Moor Castle.

The Fort and views from the climb to the top.

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