Wednesday, 27 September 2017


One of the best days sailing this season!  We left early to cross the channel before the forecast high winds at midday.  Still had plenty of wind, on the Beam, resulting in 6 kts+ crossing the channel to Corsica, sailing as a sloop.  In the shadow of the island we enjoy a more leisurely pace up the East Coast to Golfe De Porto Vecchio. 

We settle in to wait out a 3 day blow from the NW.  The golfe has many anchorages.  We opt for the Baie De Stagnolu.  It is shallow and very weedy.  We spend a long time making sure our anchor is well set, with lots of scope, then added a 20 lb kellet.  The first night passed peacefully, except for the 1 am fireworks.  The next day the wind was up and all but three boats dragged and left the anchorage.  We did not drag initially and thought we would be OK.  Not to be.  We dragged in the mid pm.  Reset the anchor.  Dragged again in the late afternoon.  Had to raise the anchor in winds gusting to gale force.  A backbreaking, slow process with a manual windless.  Then an upwind slog against wind and short choppy seas to the Porto-Vecchio anchorage.  Bang, the anchor set  immediately, in the mud and sand.  We added the 20 lb kellet and backed off to 10 to 1 scope, using all but a few feet of our 250 ft of 3/8 in chain.  The next 2 days are spent on board, waiting out the storm.  Not one boat in this anchorage moved an inch.

We go ashore the 4th day to do some shopping.

One am wake up call.

The storm approaches.

The ferry needs a tug to back into the dock.

An Egret shares its marsh with grazing Cattle.

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