Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Arrived in San Antonio, after a 10 hour motor sail.  Big swells, but no waves.  Little wind on the nose.  The best spots are all taken up with buoys, with very few boats on them.  The remainder of the bay is fairly crowded with anchored boats in dicey holding.  We try to anchor in several spots, before we are satisfied.  The next day we were told to move as we were too close to the unoccupied buoys,  so we had to do it all over again.  We were ready to leave, but decided to try one more time.  the anchoring gods smiled and we ended up firmly hooked in a good spot.

This is a party town for young Europeans.  We found the tourist info, but found we know more about the cultural sites.  The were set up to advise on the various bands and dance venues.

Fast boats.

Party boats.

 Music played long into the night.

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