Sunday, 24 September 2017


We moved on to Porto Pietro.  Kealoha V stayed behind to await parts for their anchor winch.

We stayed two nights, on two different buoys, not liking the first due to exposure to the swell.  It was good we moved for a second reason.  A brush/forest fire broke out on the second day on that side of the bay.  We had a" ringside" seat as 3 helicopters and a water bomber fought the blaze, along with ground crews we could not see, but whose sirens we could hear.  We avoided most of the smoke, but the boats on the other side were engulfed much of the day.

Sandra enjoys a "ringside" seat.

The smoke was thick on the other side of the bay.

Water bomber dumping on left, helicopter on right.

Helicopter ballet.

Final run as the sun sets.

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