Friday, 29 September 2017


Our destination for the year.  We arrive just ahead of another NW Gale.  Spent a few days getting the boat decommissioned, then fly home via Vienna and London.

The marina at dawn.

Evening, with storm clouds on the horizon...

...they thicken...

...and thicken...

...and thicken.

On the rack.

High and dry.

All wrapped up and no place to go.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Barrie and Sandra,
We are members of BCA and left Vancouver at the same time as you, 2007; Linda and Geoff on Curare. I would be interested in speaking with you two about the Schengen agreement and what you did about it. Don't know how to get in contact as I do not want to leave my contact details on this blog. Perhaps Facebook? Linda