Sunday, 24 September 2017


Got an early start to avoid the adverse winds that build in the afternoon.  Still had a bit of a slog the last few miles.

SV Kealoha and SV Juno (originally seen in Son Saura) arrived before us.  Hosted everyone for dinner.

Enjoyed a long dingy trip into Mahon and toured the fort next to the anchorage.

Date stamped photos courtesy of SV "Kealoha V".

Mike and Cate.

View of long cala (bay) looking toward anchorage.

The inner harbor.

The town is atop a steep cliff.

Discussing ice cream options.

We find a Russian built motor cycle with side car for rent.

Human powered Merry go Round.

Of course there is a church.

Interesting sights around town.

This was in the bathing suit store.  We see these occasionally, usually on pot bellied middle aged European men.

Banana hammock, only 100 Euro. I pass.
La Mola is the fort just above the anchorage.

The fort was used as a prison for a part of it's history.

WW II era additions.
the anchorage from the fort, with PII center front.

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